I am completely terrible when it comes to sticking with a decision I’ve made when it comes to my education. When I first started up, I started going to school at Weber State University in their Computer Science program, then shortly afterwards, I transferred down to Utah Valley University to continue in the program. Partway through the semester at UVU, while being in my C++ class, I quickly realized that I wasn’t in the place I needed to be. I was doing so terribly on the tests and I hated everything about it.

After that, I had decided to switch to a degree that had been a passion of mine in high school, Digital Cinema. I spent a semester enrolled in some of their beginning classes, and I was enjoying myself quite a bit. But again, partway through the semester, I ran into a dilemma. My passion isn’t to be the next big movie director, which was what seemed to be the end goal of what the school was wanting out of their Digital Cinema students. I love working in After Effects and working in that side of the film industry (VFX, motion graphics) and saw that UVU only had a couple classes that actually pertained to my passion.

During this dilemma, I started looking elsewhere to try and find something that was more along the lines of what I was wanting to do. I want to feel like I’m getting more than just a piece of paper, but I want to go and push myself to become the best I can be. Eventually, I ran into Full Sail University and caught interest in their online Computer Animation degree. I then started doing a bunch of research and fell in love with their program and immediately made the decision to start. I start at the beginning of August and can’t be more excited to get going. For once in my schooling experience, I am actually looking forward to starting up school, weird right?!?!

I’ll be using this website to visually display my experience with the program. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and hope to really be able to expand my skill set and portfolio. This will be a humbling experience that will push me to become the artist I want to be and can’t wait for it to start.

If you have any questions about the program as I go through it, I would love to answer any questions you have about the school. So far, going through the enrollment process and meeting with advisors, the school seems to be pretty epic.

Thanks for reading!

– Jordan Taylor

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